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West Wood Trailers Motor Bike Trailer

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West Wood Trailers for quality and value Motor Bike Trailers for sale.

Our well price Motor Bike trailer range is a very popular trailer for the motor bike enthusiast ad professional user . capable of carrying from the smallest to the largest Motorbikes.

All trailers are galvanised, and fitted with with independent suspension axles.

We have 3 Options a Single runner , Double runner and our most popular Trible runner to accommodate 3 bikes available in 500kg and available in 750kg Gross capacity to order.

Trailers are available with two optional extras , Spare Wheel and Jockey wheel.

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TRAILER Specifications

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
Single Runner DCT0000280 500 x 10 500kg 100kg 1.73 / 5'8’’ 1.10 / 3' 7'' 2.97m / 9'9’’ 1.56m 5’1’’
Double Runner DCT0000285 500 x 10 500kg 110kg 1.73 / 5'8’’ 1.10 / 3' 7'' 2.97m / 9'9’’ 1.56m 5’1’’
Triple Runner DCT0000300 500 x 10 750kg 123kg 1.24 / 4' 1"

Loading Height: 47cm ~ 1ft 7in
Loading capacity (kg): 390

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